Several African American dancers that worked as dancers at a cabaret night club in Mississippi  filed a complaint with the EEOC for race discrimination. The dancers asserted that Black dancers at the club were subjected to discriminatory terms of employment. For example, Black dancers were limited in the number of shifts they could work. They also alleged they were required to dance at another night club owned by the same owner, for less pay and with less security, even though doing so could result in arrest, because they were not licensed by the county to dance at the other club. Black dancers who refused to work at the other club were “fined” or sent home by the owner.
You are the EEOC investigator investigating this complaint. What statutory factors must be established in order to create a prima facie case? Cite the statute, the type of claim, and identify and explain each element of that claim. Then, apply the statute, and relevant case law*, to our case to arrive at a conclusion as to whether a federal law has been violated.

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