10/13/17 kim woods

In one or two (1-2) pages (excluding attached artifacts), complete the following:

Analyze related previous assignment(s) / artifact(s) from other courses that include your philosophy of education. Discuss the manner in which your philosophy has evolved from the beginning of your M.Ed. Program coursework to now. Incorporate an analysis of your philosophy in relation to your portfolio theme. Determine whether or not your philosophy has changed, and explain why or why not. 
Attach your one to three (1-3) previous assignment(s) as pieces of evidence / artifact(s) to your journal entry in your Optimal Resume e-Portfolio. Identify the ID and title (for example: EDU599 – Education Capstone) of the courses for which you had produced the assignment(s). Note: If you do not have an artifact, attach the description(s) of your chosen previous assignment(s). Artifacts do not count as part of the 1-2 page length requirement.
Upload the journal entry and the attachments to your Optimal Resume portfolio.
Copy and paste your portfolio’s URL into the comment box of Journey Entry 1 to submit the assignment to Blackboard.
Note: For additional information on how to submit portfolio assignments to Blackboard, review the Optimal Resume student training video here. 

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